Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That First Cardboard Buzz of the Season, II

I haven't been a big fan of inserts since probably the mid 90's. I have picked up various Braves inserts since then, but there hasn't been many that I've really desired to chase after- the one exception being the 2010 Topps Vintage Legends. Even that set, though, is incomplete and has been collecting dust for a couple of years now.

Having sworn off collecting the base sets, I still opened a couple of Jumbo packs recently- just to get that itch out of the way, you see. Sure enough, a couple of this year's insert sets have caught my attention; the Cut to the Chase set, as well as the Chasing History, are some of the best ones I've seen in years. Hopefully, I'm disciplined enough to withhold any impulsive purchases. While they are great looking cards, I just don't need something else to chase after. I'm perfectly content with searching out those Braves cards that I need.

If anyone's interested in any of the following cards, drop me a line and let's try to make a deal!


  1. Interested in the Latos emerald, Nolan Ryan '72 mini and Frank Robinson.

    I have from this set: Chipper Jones (chasing history), Kimbrel '72 mini and a Freeman base. Happy to add a few Braves from something else as well if I can. Any other set want lists for you?

    Keep me posted if you would. Thanks!

    1. Sure- send me your address at cornellsteven5-at-gmail. I could use the Chipper & Kimbrel (have the Freeman). As far as any other Braves, whatever you want to send- thanks!

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