Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Topps I Buzz

I opened my first two jumbo packs (or any other kind, for that matter) of 2013 Topps I today. And while they weren't enough to get me drunk, I certainly caught a buzz. 

First thoughts: Base design is okay, but it reminiscent of something you would find in a Bowman set (think of the rookies subset in 2008, 2010, 2011 Bowman). I do like that it allows the photograph to be the primary focus, but would like to see the players position to be included on the front. Overall grade for the card fronts:  B+

Obviously, this year's theme is "The Chase"- and I don't understand why Topps seems to think they have to base their flagship brand on some unifying theme. But it is what it is, and most of the inserts have that common theme. Even the base cards include the theme, as the card backs include a Career Chase fact along with the players personal info. If the company is going to include some motif in its set, they might as well tie in the base set as well.

First 2013 Card from pack: Mat Latos- Cincinnati Reds
  Kind of a boring photo. I would like my first card of the new year to be something mind blowing. Perhaps I should have opened the other pack first, which had Buster Posey as the card on top. That would have been a far better way to start.

First 2013 Rookie Card from pack: Adam Greenberg- Miami Marlins
  Sure, that Miami signed Greenberg to a contract last year was a feel-good story, but does he really need to be included in the set? 

First 2013 Insert, er Chase Card from pack: Albert Pujols- Calling Card
  From what I saw in the previews of 2013 Topps, I wasn't overly impressed with this set; my mind has changed, however. The pictures and design of these remind me of some of the high end stuff Topps puts out. Glad these were included.

First Brave Card: Tim Hudson
  Teach me how to Huddy!

Favorite Card (base) Photo: Ben Zobrist- Tampa Bay Rays
  Is he safe, or is he out? The umpires give us no indication, and judging by Zobrist's facial expressions (and body language), it could go either way. There's a few fans who are captured raising their hands, but that doesn't mean he was safe. Perhaps they thought he was safe, only to be disappointed.
On a side note: this card also seems to capture the typical Rays home game: very few fans in the stands. Not hatin'-they did finish last in home attendance.

On To the Chase- to be continued....

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