Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Release Countdown #21

1998 Topps #21 Roberto Clemente
 With borders of gold, 1998 was the ideal set for Topps to include a 25th anniversary tribute to the late Roberto Clemente. Besides including the Pirate great in its base set, Topps also issued a 5 card Tribute insert set in Series I-which were similar to the base card by including the Puerto Rican flag, a 19 card reprint set of all of his Topps cards (inserted in Series I: odd numbered cards, while Series II included the even numbered), a Finest Reprint set (same breakdown as the 19 card reprint), and the "Tin" Reprints-19 basic Clemente cards in a factory sealed, gold foiled case found only in special retail tin boxes and were also included one per factory set of 1998 Topps baseball.

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